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• Program Summary

The Calmness in Mind Program – is a 3 Step process that profoundly changes the way you think and feel, which in turn alters your behaviours, which subsequently improves your life.

The process is based on years of face to face therapy helping normal people to overcome anxiety disorders and shake off the restricting numbness of depressive emotions. Through self-awareness, education and learning how to apply therapeutic interventions to yourself it is possible to break the hold these obsessive, compulsive and negative thoughts (and emotions) have on you.

In our experience, most people enduring anxious feelings are typically educated and articulate and in many cases quite analytical and controlling, with over-active minds that are always searching for answers. Therefore, helping them to free themselves from the incessant thinking and fear of failing (which often stops them starting) is key to this journey.

The product is primarily in MP3 format where you download and listen to hours of tutorials and instruction on the what, why and how of the mind / body system and what you need to do to take back control. The process is interspersed with some tasks, such as, reading, writing and planning and you are guided through these by the recordings and work-books.

All good therapists know that when you change a person i.e. stop a behaviour – a new behaviour needs to be established and repeated until this new behaviour becomes the natural response. If not, there is a tendency to fall back into the old behaviour, this program uniquely gives you a prescriptive set of concepts to follow that reinforce new ways of being in the world that are less controlling and more trusting that you’ll be OK if you let go.

The process is split into 3 distinct sections that you can follow at a speed that works for you:

Step 1:

Is all about understanding what anxiety is and how to interrupt it – Believe me, this is not your basic fight or flight story! Everyday we are faced with a huge battle between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, the conscious mind (me) thinks it is in control and uses logic and reason (always asking why), whilst the unconscious mind keeps you alive, digests your food and repairs your body. Of course, control lies with the unconscious mind otherwise you’d be dead by now as you would have forgotten to breathe whilst you slept. Yet we still seem to believe that the conscious mind can fix a problem that is held in the unconscious (anxiety & depression), well it can’t. The program teaches you how to get a balanced communication between your conscious thoughts  your unconscious emotions, your bodies chemical balances and your beliefs systems. By understanding how it all works you will know where to focus your time and efforts to get the best results. It’s a fascinating journey.

Step 2:

After you complete step one you will see clearly that what you thought was making you anxious or depressed is not quite so black and white and the role you (unconsciously) play in perpetuating your condition is revealed. At this point it is fundamental to see how certain beliefs about yourself (and others) will need to be changed and by exploring how the mind tricks us and how we were ‘trained’ to think in certain ways, we slowly move to a point of view where we can adopt a stance of more flexibility and emotional control.

Step 3:

Is perhaps, the most important step, because, once you pull yourself out of the hole you are in you’ll default to asking “What if the depression and anxiety come back?” Therefore, this last section takes you through discovering who you really are and what you really want from life, relationships and work. It has to be a different you that emerges, one who thinks, acts and feels differently, thus breaking the old emotional cycles and allowing you to explore life with more calmness, joy and freedom. Tools and advice to understand yourself and education on how desire and motivation work give you the tools to take responsibility for what you do and your emotions in any given moment.

Please bear this in mind

  • This is not a quick fix cure for anxiety or depression (there isn’t one!) We have never seen anybody recover fully from these emotional disorders in less than a month or two and normally it takes 4 – 6 months, as much of the recovery is at a chemical cellular level as you live life calmer for a period of time.
  • The product won’t fix you – You will use the product to help fix yourself (no more victim attitudes) the more work you do the greater your results will be.
  • You need to be prepared to explore yourself and (at least) try to follow the concepts that offer new ways of thinking, communicating, behaving, controlling and being in this world.
  • The product is not for everyone, if you are not sure, you can listen to our recording about who should not buy this program here.

Much more information can be found by watching Videos Here and exploring the many articles accessed from the menus at the top of each page and on the FAQ page. We wish you well on your journey of taking back control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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• Why do I have anxiety?

Learning that the anxiety is really just fear of the fear… of failing

At a very simplistic level, even during a bout of anxiety, our body is doing what it is designed to do, however, the strong emotions occur at the wrong time and at an erroneous intensity! If we were on a roller coaster we would want those feelings! Consequently, we learn to fear our emotions (or lack of control of them) and to fear what others may think of us because we are out of control. Ironically that’s why many anxious people are very controlling (although they can’t see it) it’s because everything seems out of control, so they attempt to control the small things and avoid the big things that truly need addressing.

As you stress and worry more, this causes you to make more mistakes and so, you begin to fuel the fears that you will fail. However, the truth is that sometime you will fail (that’s just the way it is) and it is better fail trying than to live silently, hidden away. If you become adverse to failure you weaken yourself, but, when you make errors and learn from them, you grow stronger.

Learning to accept fear and to lean into the anxiety with techniques that help you remain calm are key to moving out of anxiety, and subsequently, changing your whole life.


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• Why can't I stop thinking?

Lesson number one is… You can’t think your way out of anxiety!

Our body responds to what we hold in mind – and that’s just the end of it! – Calm thoughts calm feelings, sexy thoughts sexy feelings, anxious thoughts anxious feelings! You choose.

 Learning to control your thoughts, silence your mind and to not believe all the voices in your head is undoubtedly the number one way to stop anxiety. It’s not easy, in fact it is hugely difficult, but, to not learn how to work more closely with your mind, or to just continue fighting with your mind is the definition of craziness, you won’t win.

Often the thoughts (or ruminations) can become quite scary and out of character, perhaps about hurting another person or doing something embarrassing, although uncomfortable, this is very common and is addressed on this course.

The Calmness in Mind program teaches you how to quieten your mind, befriend the voices and make profound changes to your emotions from their source (your thoughts).

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• Why do I feel exhausted?

Regaining your energy and cognitive abilities.

Living with any anxiety disorder is exhausting! The constant ruminations, worries, fears and the need to try and control (or avoid) what makes you anxious leaves you feeling tired, fatigued and drained right down to your marrow bone.

This leads onto lethargy and apathy as you mind seems to slow down and fog up, so much so, that it often becomes difficult to think rationally or to make quick decisions, this may lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy as you begin to rely on others more and more.

Despite the tiredness sleep may become erratic, or even if you are sleeping well, upon awakening you may feel more tired than when you went to bed! During times of anxiety sleep becomes deeply modified and you dream much more which puts a further strain on your recovery.

This product is ready for instant download and teaches you how to regain control of your thoughts, regain your energy and slowly realign your sleep patterns.  Note: This is not an instant fix, biology doesn’t work that way and I’ve never met anybody who has recovered from anxiety or depression in a day (or even a week!) This product sensibly teaches you how to think, act and respond to life in new more effective ways that result in profound changes in your feelings and self-motivation.

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Why do I get over-whelmed?

“The anxious feelings are real and I must stop what I am doing or I will die (crash, faint, collapse, get violent or someone else will be harmed…)”

To think there is nothing you can do to stop anxiety puts you in a victim point of view “these anxious feelings are happening to me…” When in reality, we are generating them and we are responding to them, they are internal responses (although mainly unconscious) to things that happen externally.

By changing your perspectives and learning lots of methods to control panic you soon realise that things “out there” only affect your feelings if you let them. (A strong statement, but true.)

For anybody who has experienced 6 months or more of anxiety, stress and worry, normal emotions, such as, happiness, joy, wonder seem to get numbed in some way. Simple things that used to make you feel good just don’t seem to make you smile anymore. In addition, horrible things seem to have been numbed a little too. It is as if your happy feelings have been turned off, and in some way that is true because all the hormonal activity caused by anxiety does affect us at a cellular level.

Our cells feed on fats and sugars, and are constantly bombarded with signals from hormones and chemicals and they do the best they can given the environment they find themselves in. On the journey out of anxiety and depression it is fundamental to work at a cellular level through diet and calm emotions to foster your emotional growth at the source. This is why it takes 4 – 6 months to pull yourself out of depression (also why anti-depressants take 3 weeks to kick in.)

This program teaches you how to take more control of your emotions and the way you treat your body via food, internal dialogue, self respect etc., and to take more control of how you decide to respond to what happens externally in your life. This redevelops your confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

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How do I stop my phobias?

Recognising that although the triggers (driving, flying, social activity, conflict, dogs, birds etc.) may fire off your anxiety, but, they are the symptoms of your condition not the cause (although they feel like they are).

If you had a thorn stuck in your finger and it was swollen and full of pus – you would need to remove the thorn for the wound to heal, however, for some people, they say things like “If only I could drive again without being anxious, then I’d be OK.”

But this is like saying if I remove all the pus the wound will heal (without removing the thorn), we need to focus on the real problems that caused the anxiety to form initially, and which, started the phobia or panic in the first place.

Just because a person has a panic attack on an aeroplane doesn’t mean that flying is the problem, no, it is the symptom, sure it might cause further problems, however, we need to dig deeper to the way life was being led before the anxiety started (or got worse in the case of people who always have had anxious feelings.)

This program teaches you were to look and how to explore your attitudes and responses to life, work, relationships and people that (if not managed effectively) may lead to anxiety and depression.

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• Vices and addictions

Often, vices and addictions, such as, drinking, gambling, comfort eating, sex etc. become more exaggerated whilst you feel low and trapped by depressive feelings.

Your happy emotions get numbed during bouts of feeling lost and trapped by your scary emotions and so do your bad feelings, they get numbed too, which means that life loses it’s edge, and so, vices seem to give you the little emotional charge that life is missing and unconsciously become a crutch to ‘manage’ the anxiety (although you know they are not helping you.)

And, of course, they only work for a very brief period and then you revert back to guilt, shame and other self-berating mind games.

The product helps you to see this and offers strategies to realign with enjoying life as it is so the need for the vices (or excuses to justify them) can gently lessen.

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Confidence & self-esteem


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• I don't know who I am!

I don’t feel good enough, worthy enough, funny enough, clever enough (and all the other …. enough’s) – Is this really absolutely true, or just a belief you have?

One of the worse pieces of advice ever given is “treat people the way you’d like to be treated.” This is flawed on so many levels, we need to “treat people the way they would like to be treated” that just makes sense because we are all different, one size does not fit all. And if you treat them the way they want to be treated, it stands to reason that you should treat yourself the way that you want to be treated! However, most people don’t know who they are, worse still, they don’t believe they are good enough or worthy enough or funny enough – and many people struggle to love themselves.

Beliefs about who we are and what we can and can’t do lurk secretly under the surface of our mind and they limit our potential in almost all aspects of our lives, especially when we are feeling down. To discover these limiting beliefs and change them is what nearly all personal growth is about and it is a huge part of taking back control of your life.

This program teaches you how to realise who you really are underneath all of the learned behaviours, out of date self-beliefs and finally discover who you really are, then you can treat yourself the way you would like to be treated and that might feel a lot better – it may even liberate you from yourself!

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• I don't know what I want!

“I don’t know what I want” is not a good enough dream! Start looking for want you do want…

This is the big question that many of us struggle to answer, most people know more about what they don’t want than what they do want! In some perverse unfriendly way anxiety keeps you stuck in what you don’t want so it is fundamentally important to get more clarity on your future and to make that dream as compelling and desirable as possible.

We don’t like the term “goals” however, we do like people to have an intent, a direction in which they would like to proceed, this is one of the key parts of stepping out of anxiety and depression and should never be over-looked, even though it is such a difficult subject (especially when you are feeling low).

The program teaches you ways to look at the future that allows you to begin to dream a new dream and helps you get more awareness of what you want and how to get it. Whoever said “There are no guarantees in life, just opportunities” they had the right idea; there is nothing more powerful than a person with a vision.


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I need motivation!

The only thing standing between you and your goals are the excuses you keep making! And also…. not having any goals…. Mmmm

 People with anxiety just make up the best excuses “I want to, but I can’t because……..”  (we are not trying to mock you)  it’s just the way it is, you are stuck.

 So, if you were more comfortable with fear, if you stopped the voices in your mind saying “you better be careful” or even added new voices saying “wow, that would be great” and if you had more self-esteem and were treating yourself well and if you had a plan of what you wanted (or at very least knew exactly what you didn’t want anymore) then there would be no need for excuses – Desire would propel you forward rather than fear holding you back!

 So then, that’s what this program aims to do, it’s not easy, you have to want it and you have to do it, this program helps you to fix yourself…….. And I expect that, feeling the way you do right now, you may be thinking – “Of course, that all makes sense but I………… (Well, that’s an excuse!)

 This is sensible help for intelligent people who have had enough, it’s up to you now.

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