Enneagram Type 3 the achiever or motivator

Enneagram Type 3 Achiever“I want to be successful, follow my goals, work efficiently and be recognised for my contribution.”

If you score highly as an enneagram type 3 personality it will be in your nature to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible due to the feeling that what you do (and achieve) rather than who you are will gain the approval and love you seek. Threes are adaptable and use their inquisitive nature to stay ahead of the game, whilst suppressing many of their emotions so they can perform well. They can become annoyed by other peoples incompetence’s and find it exhausting to always be leading and motivating others. Security is important to them and it is thought it will come via success and working hard.

Type 3 wing types:

Enneagram type 3 with a 2 wing is called the Manager or Charmer– adaptable, organized, clever, pleasant, friendly, polished.

Enneagram type 3 with a 4 wing is called the Professional– effective, business-like, ambitious, focused, independent

Type three enneagram – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

Because the type 3 individual is by nature a feelings orientated personality who has to suppress or repress emotions to get on with doing whatever needs doing (in a fair and reasonable way) they do set themselves up for many unconscious emotional conflicts that often lead to depression or irrational bouts of anxiety, often, these panic attacks occur in social situations, in super-markets and when driving or flying. They are also very self-conscious of their image and how their success is measured and acknowledged by others – this may lead to ‘covering up’ weaknesses or doing things in certain ways to impress those whose respect they desire. Because they work so hard balancing all the differing aspects of their life, occasionally something gives unconsciously and their repressed emotions are set free to self-sabotage them, in an effort to tell them to slow down and take a rest.

Enneagram Type 1 help for anxiety

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program is effective for type 3′s because it allows them to become OK with all emotions (not just successful ones) and to realise that they are loveable just the way they are, they can be respected for just being themselves and they don’t always have to take on all of the responsibility for everything.