Enneagram type 5 the investigator, thinker or observer

Enneagram type 5 Investigator

 “I am objective and like thinking, I want to know things work, but, I also need my own space and may seem a little introverted or socially uncomfortable”

In general, the enneagram type five personality resides in the thinking group (as opposed to those who live in the feeling or intuitive groups) this propensity for curiosity, knowledge, understanding and inventiveness tends to imbue them with a natural perceptiveness and general expertise in their chosen professions. Many scientists, engineers and mathematicians tend to be type fives. In contrast, to be able to find the time to absorb knowledge they tend to become a little emotionally detached, perhaps even a little eccentric and often isolate themselves socially.

Of all the Enneagram Personality Types – the type 5 personality don’t like to be put under pressure or rushed because they want to be able to do a good job, as well as, one that has integrity and is right. They often experience frustration when they observe less intelligent colleagues careers advancing due to their better social skills rather than technical ability. There is the capacity to remain calm in a crisis and hold back emotions – this self control is often seen through their ability to delay gratification and a subdued interest in material possessions (except technology).

Enneagram type 5 wing types:

Enneagram type 5 with a 4 wing is called the Iconoclast – unconventional, offbeat, shamanic, penetrating

Enneagram type 5 with a 6 wing is called the Trouble Shooter or Thinker – dry, intellectual, proficient, self-contained

Type five personality – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

Depression is common in type five personalities because although they think they are easy going, independent and not needing of others (as animals) we do need social interaction and emotional support. At the same time (although they are generally calm) this is because they do not place themselves in situations that may cause fear i.e they may not want to be a manager or won’t do a presentation if the topic is not their speciality – to avoid situations that make them feel uncomfortable they can often be quite (secretly) controlling or manipulative and once again these fears are suppressed or repressed and may surface as anxiety or OCD type thoughts or behaviours. When anxiety and / or depression trap a type 5 they often succumb to insomnia, poor eating habits, lethargy and drug dependency.

Emotional guidance for enneagram type 5 personalities

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program works well for Enneagram type 5‘s by teaching them exactly what is going on in their mind and logically articulating the steps required to unravel Enneagram Type 5 help for anxietythoughts and emotions that lead to more mental calmness and relaxed emotional connection with others. In addition, if they can get a better understanding of how others think and feel, communication and social interaction will be far less uncomfortable.