Enneagram type 6 the loyalist, troubleshooter or questioner

Type 6 Loyalist or trouble shooter“I want to be happy and secure, but I do tend to worry about things.”

To be a type six is relatively common and they bring a sense of responsibility and team identification to all of their endeavours. Because they tend to be thinkers (as opposed to the other two groups – feelings and intuition) they tend to be prone to worrying or excessive planning to avoid things going wrong or upsetting their (or their teams) security.

If you are an enneagram type 6 words that describe your best features may include; loyal, caring, warm, helpful, productive, protective, compassionate, funny and responsible.

When in a dark emotional place the less than perfect side may emerge, expressing as controlling, judgemental, paranoid, defensive, inflexible, vigilant, closed and self-sabotaging.

They fear not having a support structure around them or being able to get clear concise guidance of what is expected from them in any situation, they also may unknowingly ‘shut out’ people if there is any doubt about that persons credibility or motives.

Sixes often confuse other personality types because they have the ability to behave in some flip-floppy type ways, for example; if they respect a figure of authority they will be loyal and protective, however, if they don’t respect the person, they may well become rude and dismissive. Another example of this changeable behaviour can be seen when they meet new people, they often seem a little cold, but once you get to know them you’ll find they are warm and caring, perhaps, this is a defence mechanism to avoid getting hurt by others?

Type sixes have a huge capacity for self-criticism, and although they can put on a brave face to confront issues, they do need to be reassured and feel appreciated to keep that self critical internal dialogue at bay and they don’t respond well to being publicly criticised. Their capacity to be direct, yet at the same time compassionate and caring may confuse others, and because being able to plan 27 steps ahead is natural to them, this often confuses others who are only thinking 5 steps ahead, thus causing many misunderstandings especially in business and relationships.

Security underpins their needs, if they feel secure, then they won’t get anxious or emotionally overwhelmed by the scary thoughts in their mind. Therefore, if they can have a nice house, a safe job, dependable relationship etc. they will feel secure – and they are happy to work hard and be loyal to foster this security.

Enneagram Type 6 wing types:

Enneagram type 6 with a 5 wing is called the Defender or Server – thoughtful, conscientious, attentive, retrospective

Enneagram type 6 with a 7 wing is called the Buddy or Witty – jumpy, self-conscious, witty, winsome, respectful

Type six enneagram personality  – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

The type six personality do tend to suffer more than normal with anxiety and anxious emotions that leave them feeling exhausted and ultimately (if they are not careful) numbed and depressed. However, they respond really well to logical help and advice if it is delivered in an interesting and structured manner. One of the things that gets them in a pickle is the constant need to know why, why did they say that? Why did they do that? Why can’t they see it won’t work? Why, why, why… This constant need to know (or control) and the constant need to think about things is the cause of much anxiety and stress and needs to be loosened a little, because when this is coupled with not letting people down or trying to keep the team together often leaves the person doubting their own abilities – which then fires off more scary thoughts….. By living in their heads and trying to avoid uncomfortable emotions causes the 6 to often find it hard to make decisions, they need to realise that decisions are made by instinct and gut feelings and only justified by thoughts, therefore, they need to embrace feelings a little more.

Enneagram Type 6 help for anxiety GAD OCD and depression

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program works well for Enneagram type 6′s because it teaches you how to separate thinking from feelings and to realise that even if you plan everything perfectly, life (and other people) don’t seem to follow those rules! In addition, by silencing the self critical mind you’ll realise that there is no such thing as security and calmness can be found from within.