Enneagram Type 7 the enthusiast or adventurer


 “I want to experience life and have fun, I am not silly, I just want companionship, affection and freedom.”

Enneagram type sevens are in the Thinking Group, they tend to be enthusiastic, accomplished, uninhibited, and manic, they are concerned with responsiveness and enjoyment. Positively, the potential for confidence, enthusiasm, productivity, achievement, skill acquisition, curiosity, breadth, creativity, charm, spontaneity and the desire for change and variety.  Negatively, they have the potential for rebelliousness, impulsiveness, possessiveness, narcissism, hyperactivity, superficiality, impulsiveness, self-sabotage, ruthlessness, excessiveness, and escapism.

The type 7 enneagram personality has a fear of missing out on anything, especially if strong emotions are attached and a fear of being in an emotional vacuum and not connected with life. The juxtaposition of being a thinking personality who likes to experience good feelings means they tend to have very strong visual minds and can create (and re-run) stories and adventures easily in their minds.

Because they want to sample life and are afraid of missing anything they tend to jump around from project to project at a frenetic pace  that may startle (or even frighten) other enneagram personality profiles. If you try to cage or place boundaries around them, they are likely to to become hyper-critical and silently angry. Within social settings they are happy to make the conversation and even become the joker and make fun of themselves to keep people interested and happy, they tend to not like silences in a conversation.

Enneagram type 7’s are optimistic and rather glass half full people, this allows them to easily start new ventures expecting the best to happen and they have the vision and flare to sell their ideas to others. Enneagram type 8’s may become annoyed by the enneagram type 7 as they can’t be controlled and are a little maverick, whereas, other groups just smile at their enthusiasm.

They are usually quite intelligent and can talk about a wide range of subjects, however, some may tend to exaggerate or embellish stories to add a little more fun and joviality, they are usually generous too which surprises many people. Because their minds are quick and analytical always jumping around to things that interest them, they make great starters of a project, however, as time goes by, their attention to detail wanes as new things begin to grab their attention, this can be annoying for those around them.

Enneagram Type 7 wing types:

Enneagram type 7 with a 6 wing is called the Entertainer or Comedian – funny, edgy, fun, high-spirited, playful, restless

Enneagram type 7 with a 8 wing is called the Realist or Adventureradventurous, energetic, fast-moving, high-energy

Type 7 enneagram personality  – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

The enneagram type 7 person does get quite anxious, however, it is when not enough is going on or if they are bored, penned in or out of control of their own destiny. Due to their thinking nature (when they are anxious) they find it hard to silence their minds and focus on the boring things that need to be addressed to re-establish the foundations for their life. Often after a few years of being in a relationship or a few years after having children they often get a little anxious (or even depressed) as they pine their past freedom or dream of ways to get some emotional charge.

Problems with addictions are common, stimulants, drugs, and alcohol but they tend to avoid other anti-depressants, they do fatigue their minds and bodies through excessive thinking and working.

Enneagram Type 7 help for anxiety and depression

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program works well for the Enneagram type 7 because it shows them how other people may be quite different to them (it’s neither good nor bad, just different) other people are more scared, more self-conscious and more needy of security than the seven, and this can teach them that they don’t need to show off or have to be big achievers to be loved or respected. In addition, they need to learn ways of being OK with not much happening or repetition, especially if they have a young family.