Enneagram type 8 the challenger or leader

Enneagram type eight personality“I am strong, like to make things happen, be in control and to protect the innocent (or be right).”

The enneagram type eight are very instinctive and have the ability to see the bigger picture in any scenario and therefore tend to make quite sound decisions (even if they do ruffle a few feathers) this ability to make sound decisions, reasonably quickly ensures they normally are a manager, boss or leader a leader in some way.

A healthy type 8 enneagram personality tends to be; authoritative, direct, energetic, loyal, confident, deeply loving (but not emotionally mushy), protective, independent, empowering and likes being in control. As they emotionally decline behaviours tend to move towards; excessive control, aggression, force, bullying, scepticism, selfishness, domineering, rudeness, combativeness, ruthlessness and insensitivity to others.

The type eights seem to fear being controlled or harmed and have an intrinsic need to prove (to whom?)  that they can achieve, win, succeed and are good enough. Like all enneagram types they are influenced by one (or both) of the adjacent types (enneagram 7 or a enneagram 9). With an association to a type seven they tend to be quite maverick, happy to stir things up and need to make things happen quickly. If the leaning is towards a type 9 they tend to move slower, but with more gravity, conviction, integrity and emotional strength (but still like to get their own way.)

There is the possibility to overwhelm others via their forceful nature, bluntness and because they like to face challenges head-on, this may scare others (especially type 2, 4, 5 & 6) who may take this directness personally. The eight often has to detach from their inner emotions so they can ‘get on’ with things, however, others may see them as cold, when in fact, they are caring and loving through the function of their integrity and because they want to support and protect others.

They need some space to be alone to think and plan and don’t like to be criticised (especially in public) they like to receive information in a clear and ‘to the point’ manner – and, although they pretend it doesn’t matter, they do like to know that they are appreciated.

Enneagram Type 8 wing types:

Enneagram type 8 with a 7 wing is called the Maverick or Power Broker – confident, blunt, forward-moving, unrepentant

Enneagram type 8 with a 9 wing is called the Bear or Powerhouse – grounded, solid, massive, deliberate, forceful

Type 8 enneagram personality  – Attitudes towards anxiety and depression:

The enneagram type 8 person tends to get stressed more than anxious and this often manifests in strange phobias like a fear of driving, fear of flying or a fear of dying. In addition, if they don’t have a chance to lead (make a difference) after illness, redundancy or retirement it is common for them to fall into depressive states where their self-esteem becomes sorely tested.

If coping strategies for their stress are not adopted it is common for them to experience chest pains and IBS like symptoms followed by skin complaints, all of which, are the body’s way of asking you to slow down and think less! When feeling stressed or depressed it is common for type 8 enneagram people to dismiss their health and avoid getting help and turn to alcohol, drugs and rich foods for some (temporary) solace.

Enneagram Type 8 help for anxiety and depression

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program works well for the Enneagram type 8 because it gives them sensible and intuitive advice on what they need to do (and how they need to think) so they can realign themselves with self-confidence, energy, motivation and the desire to do what the enneagram type 8 does – to make things happen again.