John Glanvill

Author & Therapist

As a former engineer who retrained and moved into the world of therapy and has specialised in treating anxiety disorders for many years, I am always amazed at how few therapists (or doctors) can really answer the questions “what is anxiety? and “how do I get rid of it? In ways that normal people could comprehend and believe. Over the last ten years I have become fascinated with all aspects of anxiety disorders and have helped hundreds and hundreds of people to regain control of their emotions, anxious feelings and ultimately their lives again. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

The Calmness in Mind Anxiety Product is the accumulation of my learnings and face to face experience helping people overcome anxiety, panic, OCD, GAD, phobias, excessive ruminations and all-round fearful stuckness. The engineer in me has put it all into a process, a journey that is logical and sensible and helps you to see everything from new points of view which gives you more choice. Most normal people who experience anxiety are intelligent and articulate, in fact, that is one of the problems, they think too much! Daily, my therapy office is frequented by accountants, engineers, IT professionals, lawyers, therapists, doctors and teachers – smart people who have just got themselves in a muddle, that’s what anxiety does to you. Take time to look around this site, I have tried to be as open as possible and when you are ready, the product is there for you.

If you are looking for face to face therapy my specialist anxiety therapy is here.