Enneagram RHETI Test Score & the 9 Personality Types

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Note: please write down the numbers above – whichever type 1 – 9 holds the highest number typically corresponds to your Enneagram personality profile, however, capture all the numbers as they are all relevant. Scroll down to read more about these personality types and how they react to anxiety, stress and depression.

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What do the results mean?

Whichever of the nine enneagram types has the highest score, relates to your likely personality profile. For some people there will be a clear single group that scores highest and for others there may be a two or three types that score highly, (there is no right or wrong) if you score highly across differing types it normally points towards more complex personality types (and in our experience anxiety and depression are more common in complex personalities). You can them read about your personalty profiles below. It may be interesting to pay attention to the types either side of your highest number – these are called your ‘Enneagram Wings’ and they denote subtle changes in behaviour and thought processes.


What is your enneagram type?

Enneagram Type 1 The Reformer

Type 1 – the Perfectionist or Reformer

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Enneagram Typr 2 The Mentor or HelperType 2 – the Mentor or Helper

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Enneagram Type 3 AchieverType 3 – the Achiever or Motivator

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Enneagram Type 4 the IndividualistType 4 – the Individualist or Romantic

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Type-5-InvestigatorType 5 – the Investigator or Observer

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Type-6-LoyalistType 6 – the Loyalist or Troubleshooter

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Type-7-EnthusiastType 7 – the Enthusiast or Adventurer

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Type-8-ChallengerType 8 – the Challenger or Asserter

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Type-9-PeacemakerType 9 – the Peacemaker

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